Corporate integrity

Dear All,

My name is Jessica Garcia, Corporate General Counsel and Compliance Officer for RLH Properties. Regarding the commitments that RLH Properties has assumed relating to Corporate Governance, I take this opportunity to reinforce our actions, protocol and ongoing operations.

RLH Properties is committed to integrity and honesty in accordance with our values ​​and Code of Conduct, with the defense of the interests of its employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers and communities where we have operations, as well as with the development of an impeccable corporate governance and regulatory compliance policies. My focus is on adopting best practices and complying with local, national and international regulations of the sector to which we belong.

I hereby express my commitment to ensuring compliance with the legal regulations derived from the regulatory entities, as well as the internal policies and procedures, in order to build trust in the products and services of RLH Properties, including its employees, practices, commitments, ability to compete, and, above all, in transparency and corporate integrity.

I will work daily to achieve the highest standards of honesty, transparency and integrity.

Any concern, irregularity or complaint can be reported through “RLH Listens To You” so that the Ethics Committee or the Audit and Corporate Practices Committee (as appropriate), analyzes and investigates the matter confidentially, which will guarantee the protection of informants, as well as abide by the strict accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.


Jessica García Abenchuchán

RLH Properties has the objective of achieving the highest standards in (i) integrity and corporate governance, (ii) internal control, processes and procedures and (iii) corporate structure. This is why, in line with best practices, at RLH Properties annual mandatory training is given to all our employees and managers on the Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy.

Violations of what is established in our Code of Conduct, our policies, as well as the local and international legislation of the countries where we operate, are investigated and disciplinary actions can be applied, and if necessary, the case is turned to the competent authorities. Disciplinary actions may consist of training courses, verbal or written reprimand and even termination of the employment contract, depending on the circumstances of each case.

RLH Properties is firmly committed to continuing to build a culture of excellence, integrity and transparency, convinced that sustainability and corporate integrity are the foundation of a company destined for success.